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Rin bar soap 185 Gm
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Brand: Rin Model: Rin bar soap 185 Gm
Rin bar is synonymous with washing away tough dirt from your clothes.Suitable for both coloured and white clothesRetains new-like shineGives clothes a fresh fragranceOne-stroke application gets rid of tough dirt with minimal effortCuff and collar specialist..
Brand: Rin Model: Rin Detergent Powder 1KG
Rin powder is your trusted ally in ensuring you and your family always looks your best.Its bright clean technology removes dirt from deep within the fibres.Removes dullness to keep clothes bright like new..
Brand: Rin Model: Rin lemon & rose detergent powder 1kg
Rin refresh adds shine further with its exciting lemon and rose fragrance.Your clothes will now be fragrant with the sweet scent while retaining the same unmissable shine you've grown accustomed to...
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